Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rollyo news

Delicious and "favorites" are two things I've tinkered with in the past. Both have their drawbacks and limitations. Right off the bat it seems like Rollyo offers better potential as a reference resource than favorites or Delicious.
For patrons who don't want or need an all-inclusive search, just a compact list, this fits the bill. Another nice feature is the e-mailing of the link to your Rollyo. It beats writing down all the sites on piece of paper. Furthermore, once you are in a Rollyo and you do a search it mines the sites for specifics. In other words, if you are at the desk and you tell a patron about 'x' site and that it has book reviews inside you don't have to show them the button clicks to get there. Simply get them to the Rollyo, search for reviews, and voila the direct link to them is found. As an example, I used ALA's teen book section as a site. It is quite cluttered and full of additional links. Instead of trying to explain where reviews can be found just type in the search.

For fun, I searched for an existing Rollyo about U2 and found some sites I hadn't visited before. We always say there is no need to recreate the wheel; there is no reason not to take advantage of other's research.

Finally, in order to keep as much as I can in one place, I'm going to try and add Rollyo to my blog spot.

Have a great week.

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  1. Will you share with some of us who are more technology challenged how you DID manage to add Rollyo to your blog?