Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you "Rollyo?"

A few folks have asked for instructions on embedding Rollyo into your blog. Try this:

1) On Rollyo's site choose "Dashboard" along the top of the site.
2) Next, select "Searchbox" down the right hand margin
3) Type in your site name (in my case "Stack of Stuff")
4) Paste in your Blogger blog URL (in my case http://raysstackofstuff.blogspot.com/)
5) Copy the code that appears in the "Copy and Paste Code" square on the lower right
6) Log in to your blogger blog site.
7) Click on ‘Customize’
8) Select ‘Add a Gadget’ inside the ‘NavBar’ area.
9) Next, select “HTML/JavaScript” in the “Basics” area. I titled mine “Rollyo” and pasted the html into the ‘Content’ box.
10) Click save. That should do it.

Let me know if you have any trouble following my instructions or if I missed something.


  1. Great instructions! Thanks.

  2. Ray, several staff have mentioned these instructions. Posting them was inspired! Thanks!